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How Bonnet can help you


Charging networks


Connectors in the UK


Rapid chargers

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Additional Perks

Multiple network access

Access 55,000+ chargers across Europe, with 2,250+ in the UK. More chargers added every month.

Transparent, fixed pricing

Pay as little as £0.25/kWh on all chargers. No extra plug-in, overstay or other hidden fees.

Features drivers need

Charging history across all networks in one place. 4x more reliable data on charging stations. Tailored customer support. And a looooooot more.

Software for fleet operators

Full insights and real-time data of how, where and when your drivers are charging.

How Bonnet can help you


Users in the UK


Fleet Partners


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Additional Perks

Data & analytics software

Manage your network with full transparency of how your chargers are used by drivers: real-time data showing new/repeat users, demographics, behaviour, car types.

Improved charger reliability

Drivers communicate issues to you directly through the Bonnet App. Heatmaps, geofencing, ICE-ing and much more.

Upfront payments

Receive payments for electricity before it is consumed.

Free, 1-day, P2P integration

P2P integration for FREE (OCPI and non-OCPI compliant).

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