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The Revolution Leaders

We’re an eclectic bunch of dreamers, doers and tree huggers from just about every corner of the planet, working together to revolutionalise the world of EV charging.


Here at Bonnet, we want to flip the EV charging experience as it is today into something pretty extraordinary.  What started as a team of 2 Electrical Engineering students is now more than 20 Bonnetinos and Bonnetinas working together to bring EV drivers what they’ve been missing from their charges - simplicity. 

Bonnet connects the best EV charging networks in Europe, with more being added continuously.  This means one app, one account, one payment and all your charges sorted.  

Our partners and tens of thousands of EV drivers trust us to create the best EV charging experience possible - so that's exactly what we're doing.


We have fairly big plans for the future of Bonnet (think world domination/global expansion) so we need the planet to still exist for us to actually see them through.

Our mission is to fight climate change by accelerating the uptake of sustainable transport. We’re doing this by making EV charging accessible to all - not just those with a private driveway. Using innovative technology, we are connecting EV drivers to the best charging networks available and turning every charge point into an accessible and simple charger that any driver can use.

Mohammadreza (Reza) Rahmani

Android Developer

I learn, therefore I am.

Mik Ridhwan

Network Growth Lead

Amateur boxer and professional deal maker! He’s dog dad to the smallest Bonnet Pup and loves attempting to make latte art every morning.


Your Dream Position

We seem good people, right? If you want to work with us, check out our career opportunities here.


Chief Canine Officer

The OG Office Pup with the freshest trim in the office.

Cherry Cameron

Customer Experience Advisor

Could talk the hind legs off a donkey. Loves champagne or a pint of Stella - a true Yorkshire lass, speaks 3 languages; English, Yorkshire and Rubbish.

Karolina Kuziorowicz

Customer Experience Lead

Huuuge music fan, so singing, dancing or just typical listening - you will always find her doing one of these. Or all of them at the same time. Obsessed with smart devices and machine learning, her biggest dream is to make her own house fully smart, ideally eco friendly as well.

Henry Hoyer Millar

Partnerships Lead

A die-hard Oxford united fan, who loves to go watch the Yellows play whenever he gets the chance. Apart from that, he is Bonnet’s resident horticulturist and can often be found pottering around in his garden.

Sergiy Yun

Operations Lead

Supposedly should be proficient in chemistry. Has a soft spot for excel tables. Substituted all his hobbies for kids.


Chief Pawject Manager

Insta Queen. Will walk up three floors for attention (which we respect).

Simon Norman

Head of Web Development

Coding stickler. Half-baked vegan with well-baked sourdough. Loves a board game. Hoping to help save the world.

Eltje Lange

VP People

Pro cyclist turned people person & leadership coach - chatting all things scaling, wellbeing and personal development. Also working on my Masterchef skills.

Anna Takacs

Product Designer Lead

Her motto is "to build a good product is teamwork". Off work, you can find her walking in the parks of London with her dog Emma or in a hammock catching up on a good book. ‍

Jakob Kleihues

VP Expansion

Being a long-term field field hockey enthusiast (even coaching the next generation in the sport), Jakob still believes himself to be very active. He enjoys working with his hands, and crafts his own, albeit admittedly uncomfortable, furniture. ‍

Ifeanyi Opara

Junior Android Developer

A problem solver who loves a good challenge, when he isn't gaming, swimming or designing, he is virtually in the aviation industry getting nerdy.

Anusha Jain

QA Engineer Lead

Quality Assurance Engineer who eats chocolates everyday. Art enthusiast, loves dogs and enjoys water sports. Hoping to add a little more joy to the world.

Marko Nikolov

iOS Developer

Sun and beach enjoyer. Usually daydreams about surfing. Has never surfed. ‍

Vinu Polly

Android Developer Lead

A master in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Could quite easily create Skynet in his spare time. Thinks dark mode should be a legal requirement.

Javier Julve

Regional Manager Southern Europe & Benelux

Lives in sunny Barcelona, where he is closing deals for the international expansion. Fly fishing for trouts whenever he can.

Daniil Belov

Web Development Lead

Loves to cook, play tennis and rugby. A full stack developer with a passion for the web and design. ‍

Freddie Eastham

Product Lead

Self-proclaimed best chef in Wandsworth. Triathlete in-progress.

Rebekah Kane

Digital Marketer

Left F1 for EVs. Future Strictly Come Dancing champion. Searching for the perfect pint of Guinness in England.

Eliot Makabu

Co-Founder & CTO

Lifelong learner. His pride and joy in life lies in his ever growing collection of funky socks. ‍

Patrick Reich

Co-Founder & CEO

Thinks he’s a pro athlete. Likes dark humour and hates pollution.

Kevin Rodriguez

Customer Experience Advisor

An outgoing foodie, who has travelled the world and doesn't plan on stopping.

Linli Ding

Analytics Engineer

Gaming and caffeine addict. When she's not gaming, she's probably watching streamers.

Ana Marquez

iOS Developer Lead

Music, movies & games lover. New challenges enthusiast. If you can’t find her, she's probably climbing. ‍

David Khau

VP Finance

Crunching numbers and more. Let's make the energy transition happen. When not looking at spreadsheets, he can be found in a park with his family or at home watching NBA games.