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Supercharge Your Business With Alternator

Your White Label In-App Solution for Seamless EV Charging

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Alternator gives your business the benefits of Bonnet, within your own app.

That means you get the best of Bonnet’s features, chargers wherever you go and 7-day/week live support as a white labelled charging solution.

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Your App, Our Solution

Seamless Integration

Alternator seamlessly integrates with your business’ existing app through a simple SDK integration.

Enhanced User Experience

Provide users with an elevated charging experience with Bonnet's multi-award winning and best-in-class charging functionality - all within your own app.

Expanded Charging Network

Alternator empowers businesses to leverage the most reliable charging available, offering your users access to the best and most reliable charging networks.

Built For Your Business Needs

Customisable UX

Our highly customisable UX means your customers interact with your branding and your interface, displaying Bonnet’s core features as your own.

User Management

Keep things simple with one user onboarding flow. There is no need for an extra flow to onboard users through Alternator.

Billing and Analytics

Comprehensive billing and analytics capabilities, empowering you to monitor usage, analyse data, and streamline financial processes. We send billing data directly to you, no faff needed.

Hands-off maintenance

We handle the build, integration and maintenance of Alternator within your app.

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What size fleet is Dash for?

Dash is for fleets of all sizes!

What charging networks are on Bonnet?

We have over 220,000 of the most reliable chargers on Bonnet, including most major networks. See our coverage link here for more information.

Can Bonnet be used on any EV and mobile phone?

Bonnet works on any mobile device and can be used with any model of EV!

What data will I get from Dash?

You will get access to all charging data records for your drivers, including when and where vehicles charge, how long they charge for and more.

How much does charging cost?

There is no mark-up on the charging (kWh) cost, so you have access to the PAYG rate of each charging network.

How much does Dash cost?

£4.20/€4.20 + VAT per driver per month.