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Simple EV Charging for Businesses

Increase your insight with Dash - see your employees' charging across the Bonnet network in one monthly invoice and access data on all your drivers.

Access to the largest and most reliable public charging network
No expenses to manage, just one simple monthly invoice
HMRC & VAT compliant
Data for ESG reporting (ESOS, SECR)
Works with every EV and mobile device
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Charging records
Full name
Charger location
Session kWh
Session cost
John Smith
Rowan Road, Hammersmith, London
32.2 kWh
Charging time
1h 15min
Session cost
Session kWh
32.2 kWh
Overstay fees
Driver management
Full name
Email address
Driver status
John Smith
We do the hard work to make fleet management simple - all your charging and invoicing in one place

How Bonnet can help you

Multiple network access

Access hundreds of thousands chargers across Europe from 600+ of the most popular EV charging networks, with top UK coverage.

Features drivers need

Charging history across all networks in one place. 7-days a week customer support. Live reliability and availability data on all chargers, so no-one is turning up to an unusable charger. And a looooooot more.

How Dash can help you

Software for fleet operators

Full insights and real-time data of how, where and when your drivers are charging. You can also add or de-activate drivers at any time.

Simple accounting

One simple invoice for all your drivers’ charging, to save you time and hassle.

Simple Pricing

Bonnet gives you access to all the charging networks' standard rates. These are displayed in the app so there are no surprises at the charge point!

One simple monthly fee
Always pay the PAYG kWh rates
Never any unfair or hidden fees
No fixed contract
per user
per month
For Fleet Managers
Sign up and get started immediately
Transparent pricing, inc variable pricing transparency
One monthly invoice for all drivers charging meaning no VAT faff
Bonnet Experts on hand to help 7 days a week
Invite drivers simply and quickly
Full insights into your drivers’ charging
Scalable management solution designed to grow with you and your fleet
Real-time cost overview of all charging data
Data export as CSV file
For Fleet Drivers
Most successful connectivity rate of all EV charging apps
Access to over 400,000 charging points across the UK and Europe
30,000+ charging points in the UK
Live availability displayed for every charger
Filter chargers based on car model, connector type, availability and more
7-day/week customer support
What we don't do
Hidden Fees
Complicated invoicing
Messy expenses to manage
Nasty surprises
Messy transitions to EV fleet management

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What size fleet is Dash for?

Dash is for fleets of all sizes!

What charging networks are on Bonnet?

We have over 290,000 of the most reliable chargers on Bonnet, including most major networks. See our coverage link here for more information.

Can Bonnet be used on any EV and mobile phone?

Bonnet works on any mobile device and can be used with any model of EV!

What data will I get from Dash?

You will get access to all charging data records for your drivers, including when and where vehicles charge, how long they charge for and more.

How much does charging cost?

There is no mark-up on the charging (kWh) cost, so you have access to the PAYG rate of each charging network.

How much does Dash cost?

£4.20/€4.20 + VAT per driver per month.

Great news!

You can use our self-serve signup to get Dash up and running within 5 minutes.

If you do have any questions along the way, get in touch with us at and we're here to guide you through the process.
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