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How the heck do I find electric car charging points near me?!

Good question... how do you reliably find available electric car charging points near you when you’re travelling around, in a new city (or country) or just running low on juice? When you’re not near home or your usual charging station, it can add unnecessary stress to your journey when you need to plug in and recharge.

Having trouble finding the nearest EV charging point can bring on ‘charge anxiety’, the bane of every EV owner’s life. And it’s not just finding the nearest one that’s the problem either.

We’ve all rolled up to a charge point at some time or another to find it’s broken or already in use. Then you’re back to square one again, trying to find the next (hopefully) available electric car charging point near you... making you late for your appointment/meeting/coffee/gym class etc.

Then, despite having what feels like a hundred different EV charging apps downloaded on your phone, they’ll only direct you to a charging point nearby if it’s owned by one of the networks you’ve signed up to. And sometimes, an app can take you there, but without a pre-paid RFID for that provider, you’re unlikely to be able to charge up anyway... as most of them don’t allow you to pay as you go.

Finding your nearest EV chargers just got easier

Not just your nearest either, but possibly your cheapest too.

With Bonnet, you can find available, ready-to-use EV charging points near to your current location with the touch of a button.

Once you’ve downloaded our app, just search for your nearest electric car charging points and they’ll pop up on the screen, using your GPS location to navigate you to the closest available charger.

Plus, if you sign up for one of our pre-payment plans, you can access EV charging points from a huge range of providers... from as little as 40p per kWh.

Electric car charging points – UK and Europe

One of the many benefits of the Bonnet app is that it’s a rapidly growing community, with more charging networks jumping onboard all the time.

Our app collates real-time information, allows you to charge your electric vehicle at a standardised, fixed rate, and will direct you to your nearest EV chargers wherever you are in the UK, with growing availability across Europe too.

You can take a look at our current electric car charging point coverage here – or head to the Google Play or App store and download it straight to your phone.

So easy to use, you almost won't believe it


Download the app and register


Securely add your credit or debit card details


Choose a monthly package – or opt to pay-as-you-go


Use the interactive map to find your nearest available electric car charging point

Ready to Charge?

Great, you’re onboard! Download Bonnet today for the best EV charging experience.