Charge your electric taxi, the easy way


Access to 5000+ chargers the UK


Save up to 30% with our monthly refill packages, paying as little as 25p / kWh - The more kWh you buy, the more you save.


Simple accounting - One invoice no matter the number of charging networks you use.

Use the Bonnet App and access thousands of chargers across London and the UK - including ESB and Shell Recharge - at competitive prices.

Our user-friendly app has been designed to help taxi drivers charge their electric vehicles without the stress and inconvenience of having to download different apps or subscribing to multiple charging networks.

Still not convinced?

Use the code 'TAXIBNT' to get access to any of our refill packages for free! (Up to 200 kWh free of charge. First month, only).

We understand that making the change to electric is a big decision and can be overwhelming. You can contact our taxi specialist for advice at (Email) or +44 7932 044844 (WhatsApp).