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Why Bonnet?

In an ideal world - a world where environmental awareness is encouraged - we’d always be within easy reach of an EV charging solution, right? With more and more people turning to electric vehicles, finding an available EV charger should
be as simple as filling up with regular fuel. Well, while it’s not an ideal world, here at Bonnet, we’re doing our best to make the world of EV charging a whole lot easier than ever before.

How? With our intuitive, constantly updated EV charging app.

Our aim is to revolutionise the EV charging app experience, and make electric car charging easier, more efficient and super-accessible. With Bonnet, you don’t need a separate card and app for every charging point provider – because we’ve brought a whole load of them together in one place, with more joining every day.

Trouble finding EV chargers in the UK?

As EV drivers ourselves, we quickly noticed some common problems with finding EV chargers on the move. So we looked at of the main complaints and issues surrounding the service, and designed an app-based EV charging solution to make them a thing of the past.

How our EV charging app can make life easier for you...

I have to download a new app or get a new RFID card for every different EV charger provider I want to use!

Chuck out those cards, make room in your glove box/purse/wallet and clear some space on your phone by removing all those apps. Download Bonnet and you’ll have access to instant EV charging services from a huge (and constantly growing) range of network providers – all in one place, from one simple app.

My EV charging app sent me to a charging point that was in use/broken!

The beauty of the Bonnet app is that it takes constant data directly from the charge point hardware itself – so it will never direct you to a charging point unless it's working and available.

Some EV chargers are really expensive – it’s hard to budget when I don’t know what I’m going to pay.

Meet Bonnet Boosts - pay either £2 or £8 a month to get 10% or 15% savings on all your favourite EV charging networks! This helps you keep control of your charging spending by making guaranteed savings. You can calculate your monthly and yearly savings with our Boost Savings Calculator.

I want to use an EV charger point owned by a provider I’ve never used before. How do I gain access once I’ve found it on your app?

If the Bonnet EV charging app directs you to a charger point in the UK or Europe, you can plug in, charge and pay via your payment plan credits or direct from your securely stored credit or debit card. No need to have a pre-payment card or separate app for that network, it’s all under one bonnet with Bonnet!

I’m fed up with paying high prices for rapid EV charging points.

We hear you! You’re in a hurry and hate being ‘held to ransom’ just to get some juice in your wheels. That’s why we offer guaranteed discounts on all EV chargers on Bonnet, with savings up to 15%!

Ready to boost
your charging game?

Let's do this!Let''s do this!

Ready to boost your charging game?

Let''s do this!