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Birmingham Electric Car Charging Points

Do you want to find out where the electric car charging stations are in the city of Birmingham? Look at our map down the page, which presents all of the electric car charging points in Birmingham that are on the Bonnet app.

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Have you experienced the stress of trying to find electric car charging zones in Birmingham? And, when you did finally locate one, you realised you didn’t have the relevant app for the charging network, so you had to download and set up a new account, wasting precious time? At Bonnet, we understand the frustrations that often accompany electric vehicle charging. So, we decided to do something about it.

Bonnet is a platform looking to help save the planet as well as your money. We simplify the electric car charging process to make your life easier. With Bonnet, electric car drivers are allowed to charge on electric vehicle chargers of numerous networks in Europe all through our app. This means you only have to worry about one app rather than several. And, you don’t have to use an RFID tag because every single charger on the app can be accessed through your smartphone! Plus, all of our chargers are the same price, no matter who the provider is. There is the option of a base Pay As You Go Price, or alternatively, you can purchase a Refill plan. All that you need is to download the Bonnet app, choose the purchase plan of your choice, and away you go! 

Below is a map of all the available electric car charging in Birmingham airport and all other areas of the city on the Bonnet app.

Driving an Electric Car in Birmingham

Birmingham, along with many other cities across Europe, is a strong advocate for electric vehicles. In 2019, Birmingham City Council announced a climate emergency and is dedicated to decreasing carbon emissions in the city. This includes the support of electric vehicles. As the revolution of EVs continues, the Council is committed to ensuring that there are (and will continue to be) sufficient electric car charging points in Birmingham.

On 1 June 2021, Birmingham launched a Clean Air Zone (CAZ). This is an area where any road vehicle that fails to meet a set of emission rules will be charged to drive. Electric vehicles are exempt from this charge. Birmingham is home to one of the two most prominent CAZs, the other being in Bath. It is the area inside the A4540 Middleway Ring Road, and it operates 24 hours a day, every day. 

With Birmingham pushing for lower emissions and supporting the purchase and use of EVs, it is a fantastic time to drive an electric car in the city. And, with some help from Bonnet, your charging experience will be simple and stress-free. All that you need is to download the Bonnet app today from Google Play or the App Store for the best EV charging experience you have ever had!

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