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Are you searching for electric vehicle charging points in Brighton? Explore Brighton and Hove's available charging points on the Bonnet app!

Bonnet Makes Electric Vehicle Charging Seamless

The transition to low-emission transport must be supported by accessible and fast charging solutions. Despite the number of units growing in Brighton, drivers must still find a suitable charging point, download an app and make a separate account for each network. With multiple networks available in and around Brighton, connecting to a Brighton car charging zone becomes a hassle.

Bonnet was born from this limitation. With one app, EV drivers can discover Brighton car charging points and connect to multiple networks in one place. We are proud to create a user-friendly experience and a simple, reliable charging solution. We aim to be responsive in our development by improving the app based on user feedback and machine learning. 

You can access thousands of charging locations across Europe from various (soon all) networks on the Bonnet app alone. EV drivers can choose the Refill plan, which allows them to make upfront electricity payments with incredible rates, or select the Pay As You Go option for more flexibility. Bonnet is designed with simplicity in mind. One app, multiple networks.

Our electric car charging points Brighton map lets you explore where you can find EV charging points in a nearby location.

How Brighton is Set Up for EV Success

Brighton lives up to its empowering reputation as a hub of community and diversity. In a bid to care for the locals and the planet, many of the Brighton electric car charging stations use solar PV to harness sustainable energy from the sun to generate electricity. This electricity is locally produced, owned by nearby communities, and completely green.

Brighton and Hove City Council are dedicated to making EVs possible for more residents and visitors to their iconic town. If you’re considering car charging installation, Brighton is the place to be. Alongside efforts to make Brighton more sustainable, people can request to have electric vehicle charging points installed near their homes. Working on a priority basis, the City Council works to meet these requests ensuring there are chargers in high-demand areas. This unique approach invites the citizens to help steer the expansion of Brighton electric car charging stations, making sure those who need them have access. 

As you can see, owning an EV in Brighton is becoming easier, and the authorities are working with local people to make eco-friendly transport a convenient option. To find your nearest Brighton car charging area, download the Bonnet app via the App Store or Google Play and enjoy easy charging in Brighton.  

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