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Bradford Electric car charging points

Looking for electric car charging points in Bradford? View the map below to see all the charging stations available on the Bonnet app and get hassle-free charging in no time!

About Bonnet Electric Vehicle Charging App

At the start of the electric vehicle rise, it was awkward and inconvenient for people to own an electric vehicle (EV). Public charging points were sparse, and home installation was another huge cost on top of buying your new car. Despite lowering emissions, it was an expensive investment that many didn’t deem viable. 

Even for those who took the plunge, public chargers were slow. Going out required planning and forward thinking to ensure your car was charged. This just wasn’t practical. Fast, accessible charging was essential to rolling this out globally. 

Today, as it stands, public chargers are much faster and growing in quantity, but the electric car charging points in Bradford still have a way to go. Every network requires a separate app, set up, and payment input. It’s a tedious process, especially when you’re in a rush. Most EV owners must track multiple apps and accounts to ensure they can access their nearest charging point.

Bonnet offers a seamless solution. You can discover all the electric car charging points Bradford offers in one place. On this neat app, you’ll be able to access all the electric charging networks in your area. Simply find a charging point, pay for your session on Bonnet and enjoy the ease of low-emission transport.

We have revolutionised how you find and pay for electric car charging stations.

The map below highlights the available electric car charging points in Bradford on the Bonnet app.

Which Bradford Charging Point is Suitable for Your Electric Vehicle?

Where you plug in your EV will affect how long it takes to charge. To guarantee a successful session, you must find a matching connector standard known as the “plug type”. 

It’s equally important to ensure your EV charges quick enough so you can get on with your day. Various charging types are often defined by the speed at which they charge your car. Slow chargers typically use a general electricity source, such as at home or work, to charge your EV; these can take several hours and sometimes require an overnight session. 

The first public charging points offered a slow charge, but faster stations eventually became more common, making it easier to get around if you own an EV in Bradford. Fast chargers take a few hours, while rapid charging points can get the job done in half an hour. The Bonnet app will direct you to available chargers within your area to ensure you find a unit that offers the power you need.

Bradford offers numerous charging points, including in residential areas where homeowners cannot install individual units. Making EV charging accessible is fundamental to transitioning more people to electric transport. With multiple networks all in one app, Bonnet contributes to this initiative and aims to make it easy for EV owners to go about their days.

For a convenient way to find electric car charging points, Bradford residents can download the Bonnet app from the App Store or Google Play. 

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