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Are you trying to find electric car charging points in Cardiff? Discover all the electric car charging stations in Cardiff that are on the Bonnet app in the map below.

What is the Bonnet Electric Vehicle Charging App?


Do you own an electric car? Then you will know that perhaps the biggest inconvenience of owning an electric vehicle is trying to find a car charging point, followed by the arduous process of paying for the applicable charging network. It can make a drive through the city unnecessarily stressful. At Bonnet, we revolutionise the car charging experience so you can charge your EV efficiently and stress-free, making your electric car experience as enjoyable as it should be.

Bonnet connects almost 20 of the top EV charging networks (with even more to be added soon). Ultimately this means all you need is one app, a single account, and one payment choice for your EV charging. There is no need for countless cards and apps for different charging networks; at Bonnet, we have it all in one place. You do not even have to use an RFID tag because every charger on the app can be accessed through your smartphone. Tens of thousands of drivers already trust us with their driving experience, and this number is growing by the day.

Below you can see our map for electric car charging points in Cardiff Bay, Cardiff IKEA and other locations across the city on the Bonnet app:



Driving and Charging Electric Cars in Cardiff


Cardiff is home to the Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence (EVCE). The centre addresses the remaining barriers to the extensive introduction of EVs. Located at Cardiff University, the EVCE works to understand the effects of electrification on the future of the industry through fundamental research.Β Β 

Encouragingly, Cardiff Council has announced its support for the greater use of electric cars in Cardiff. It has begun installing charging stations throughout the city to assist with this, encouraging businesses and residents to invest in EVs. The council has already installed approximately 20 car charging points in Cardiff with the intention of creating more in the near future. Cardiff Council has also taken steps toward replacing some of its vehicle fleet with EVs.Β 

In another positive step from the city, Cardiff Bus recently revealed and launched its new fleet of 36 fully electric buses in its efforts to reduce air pollution and emissions. This collaboration between Cardiff Bus and Cardiff Council aims to make sustainable transport a permanent fixture in the city. The new electric buses account for almost a quarter of Cardiff Bus's fleet. And since the launch in January 2022, these buses have saved over half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide β€” CO2 β€” from being released into the atmosphere (as of July 2022).

With the electric vehicle revolution inevitability on the rise in the capital city, now is the perfect time to own an EV in Cardiff. And, if you are looking for a convenient and easy way of finding charge points and charging your electric car in Cardiff, look no further than the Bonnet app. Just download it from the App Store or Google Play to enjoy the best EV charging experience imaginable.

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