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Are you wondering where electric car charging points are in Coventry? Check out the coverage map below, which displays electric car charging stations in Coventry that are associated with the Bonnet app.

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Have you ever felt the frustrations of struggling to find a charging station for your EV? And then, once you do locate one, there is the time-consuming process of ensuring you have the correct charging network’s app to use it? At Bonnet, we understand these difficulties for electric car users, so we have created an app to simplify this process.

Bonnet is an app that lets EV drivers reliably charge on electric chargers of well over a dozen charging networks. By doing so, you no longer need to own numerous apps or cards to use the chargers of various networks. Instead, all you need is one account on the Bonnet app, where you can add your payment card, and then you can use it on a wide range of chargers. This makes for a smoother, more efficient, and user-friendly EV charging experience. 

On Bonnet’s app, there is also a coverage map that displays EV charging stations in a given location. For instance, below, you can see the map for all the electric car charging points in Coventry available on the Bonnet app:

Using an Electric Vehicle in Coventry 

Coventry has recently been announced as the UK’s most electric car-friendly city. This conclusion was made based on the number of EV chargers compared to the population’s size. This achievement could reflect Coventry’s goal of being at the very centre of the EV revolution. Indeed, the city is home to the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC). This facility helps businesses develop and test battery technology. Furthermore, in January 2022, Coventry City Council approved the plan to build a large gigafactory at Coventry airport. This £2.5 billion factory will house facilities to build new EV batteries, as well as recycle used ones.

Additionally, Coventry City Council is preparing for the launch of the Electric Fleet First project, where the council will provide EVs for local organisations to trial. This is to contribute to efforts to reduce NO2 emissions on the road network by inspiring companies to switch to electric vehicles. 

In association with the council, 39 rapid electric car charging points have been installed throughout the city of Coventry. This is fantastic news because rapid chargers are the quickest way to charge your EV, giving between 60-200 miles of range within 20-30 minutes.

Coventry is a city that evidently caters very well to the electric vehicle user. This is, therefore, the perfect time to use and drive an electric car in the city. If you would like to find a stress-free way of finding electric car charging stations and paying for EV charging in Coventry, simply download the Bonnet app from Google Play or the App Store, and your revolutionary charging experience can begin!

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