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Want to know where to find electric car charging points in Derby? Please take a look at our coverage map, where you can view all of the electric car charging stations in the city of Derby that are connected to the Bonnet app!


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Are you loving the experience of driving an electric car but hating the impractical charging process? Do you waste valuable moments of your day trying to find the correct charge card or app to successfully connect your EV to a charge point? At Bonnet, we believe that the entire EV experience should be stress-free and uncomplicated, including when it comes to charging our vehicles.ย 

Bonnet connects well over a dozen premium charging networks in Europe, so instead of needing countless individual apps and cards from the various networks, you just need one single app to charge your EV. The Bonnet app. And the costs are the same irrespective of the provider. This, therefore, means one app and one payment. Simple.

Bonnet is continually expanding and evolving, but we already cater to numerous European countries, including the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. Simply download the Bonnet app, set up an account and payment plan, and then you can discover how easy EV charging can be.ย 

Bonnet also offers coverage maps detailing the location of electric charge points within a specific geography. Below you can view our map for all of the electric car charging points in Derby that are available on the app:



Using Electric Vehicles in Derby


Derbyshire County Council has announced its encouragement for the switch to electric in efforts to improve air quality and decrease carbon emissions. Therefore the council, as part of its Low Emission Vehicles Infrastructure Strategy (LEVI), has declared plans to install additional EV charging stations throughout the county over the next 10 years. It is committed to installing 1,000 EV charge points by 2025.ย 

Derby City Council is also eager to encourage the switch to EVs. In one display of the support, the council has created an opportunity called the Electric Van Experience (EVE). This gives businesses in Derby a chance to trial a variety of electric vans and even includes the provision of a charge point at the premises of companies testing them out.

Derby currently has a decent number of car charging stations dotted across the city. This includes numerous rapid charge points. Rapid chargers are the speediest way to charge your EV, with the capacity to provide between 60-200 miles of range within a 20-30 minute timeframe. But, with the promise of further charge points to be installed across Derbyshire over the next few years, Derby is only going to get more and more EV-friendly.ย 

Derby is a great location for using and charging an electric car. If you want to ensure your electric car charging process in Derby is simple and straightforward, get the Bonnet app today. Download it from the App Store or Google Play and join tens of thousands of electric car drivers enjoying our revolutionary charging experience.ย 

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