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Do you need to know where the electric car charging points are in London? Have a look at our useful map below, which displays all of London’s electric car charging stations that are connected on the Bonnet app.

What is the Bonnet Electric Vehicle Charging App?

If you own or drive an electric car, then you are undoubtedly aware of the constant stress of electric vehicle charging, especially in a vast and congested city like London. Firstly, there is the stress of finding a suitable electric car charging point in London. Then you need to open the necessary app for the charging network — or download it if it is not already installed — and follow the instructions. At Bonnet, we eradicate these problems. 

Bonnet lets electric car drivers charge up their vehicles across numerous charging networks, connecting over 15 of the best EV (electric vehicle) networks throughout Europe (more soon to follow!). This means saying goodbye to countless apps and accounts and instead just one app and payment that sorts out your charging. Plus, all our chargers cost the same regardless of the provider. Currently, there are over 1,300 charging locations on Bonnet’s app in the UK alone, and by the close of 2022, we aim to have 70% UK public charger coverage. Additionally, our app displays charging locations, so you don’t have to spend precious minutes looking for a suitable charging point. All you need to do to enjoy Bonnet’s services is download our app, purchase either a Refill Plan, or opt for our Pay As You Go rate, and you’re ready to charge!

Below is a map of all the electric vehicle charging stations in the City of London that are available on the Bonnet app.

Using an Electric Vehicle in London

Driving an electric car in the UK has never been more popular, and this is especially the case in London. 16% of the UK’s new vehicle registrations were fully electric cars, but this percentage is at a much higher 24% in London. And it’s not challenging to understand why this is the case. Perhaps the biggest reason behind this is the expensive London Congestion, and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges from which fully electric cars are exempt. Furthermore, the capital has more EV charging stations than anywhere else in the country, with almost 11,000 London electric car charging areas, including at hotels, restaurants, and malls. 

Plus, in a European first, several streets in London have been assigned ‘electric car only’. In London boroughs, Hackney and Islington, the new Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV) Streets scheme means that petrol and diesel cars are not allowed in the area during the peak hours of 7 am-10 am and 4 pm-7 pm during the week. There is also a sizeable amount of free electric car charging points in London, with 465 of them in total.

As can be seen, there has never been a better time to drive an EV or use electric car charging in London. If you would like to make your electric car charging experience in London stress-free and straightforward, use Bonnet. Simply download our popular app from Google Play or the App store and get started with Bonnet today!

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