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Looking for electric car charging stations in Manchester? Check out the map below, which shows Manchester electric car charging points that are on the Bonnet app!

About Bonnet Electric Vehicle Charging App

Have you ever been in a situation where you were running late for a meeting and needed to use an electric car charging point in Manchester but didn’t have that particular charging network’s app? And then you had to spend what seemed like an eternity trying to download the necessary app, create an account and connect your credit card to it? Here at Bonnet, we know that owning an electric vehicle is amazing, but charging it in a big city can be a real hassle. This is why we created a solution!

Bonnet is an innovative platform that is revolutionising the EV driver experience all over Europe. Our platform connects the most popular EV charging networks all in one app and under one account. This means you no longer have to spend precious time dealing with different networks. Just download Bonnet, purchase a Refill plan (or go with the Pay-As-You-Go rate) and start charging! 

See a map of all electric car charging stations in Manchester airport and other parts of the city available on the Bonnet app below. 

Driving and Charging an Electric Vehicle in Manchester

Today, Manchester is on the way to implementing Greater Manchester’s new Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy, which is a part of the plan to make the city a more convenient, safe, and eco-friendly place to live. As part of this strategy, Manchester city officials are planning to dramatically increase the number of car charging points in Manchester from 360 chargers and about 700 connectors in 2021 to 300 rapid and 2,700 fast chargers in 2025. Thus, the city is expected to become even more convenient for EV drivers over time. 

The city also launched an electric vehicle club in 2021. Members of the club can rent electric cars by the hour, which is a great option for people who don’t want to purchase a vehicle but still want to be eco-friendly when they need to rent one. Manchester officials also have plans to install community charger hubs in heavily populated parts of the city where residents don’t have the opportunity to charge their cars at home. 

The city is also planning to introduce more clean zones in the city, so drivers whose cars exceed emission standards will have to pay a fee to enter these zones in their vehicles. This is yet another part of the plan to make the city a more clean and pleasant place to live. 

As you can see, now is a great time to be an owner of an electric vehicle in Manchester. And if you want to have a convenient and easy way to find charging points and pay for electric car charging in Manchester hassle-free, download the Bonnet app from the App Store or Google Play to have Manchester car charging points at your fingertips. 

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